8 February 2018

The outfit I live in

Why hello there, tis me! I came upon a brain wave on how to take my outfit pictures and got so excited, I just had to post them. Like probably a lot of wannabe bloggers, I don't have any one whose willing to take my photo for me and to be honest, being the anxious one that I am. There's not many people I want to pose awkwardly in front of. Alas, I found that I can use my phone to control my camera (technology eh?!) and they haven't turned out all that bad...

The weather's just pretty shit on the whole at the minute so that's why the quality's a bit shoddy, but yano what; I'm pretty damn pleased with mself.

Anyway, I've been living in this outfit over the last month. I got the Reeboks for Christmas and they are the comfiest trainers I've ever owned and that isn't an exaggeration. As well as that, I sore this Missguided coat about a zillion times on Instagram (ahem, Chloe Plumstead, forever making me spend pennies that I don't have on clothes) and it looked so cosy that I had to pick one up for myself. Not to mention the fact that Missguided had that insane 50% off promo on at the time. 

Anyway, I know I've been seriously MIA over the past year on my blog. And I won't say I'm getting back into it because that always seems to make me do the opposite. However, I still love this corner of the internet and I actually feel sad that I haven't stuck with it the way I would have liked.

Till next time,

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  1. I love your style so much Millie!! Such a gorg outfit as always xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

  2. Love this whole outfit! And great photos - what camera do you have cause that sounds so useful that you can use your phone! Especially love your jumper and coat!

    Daughter of An Air Hostess // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    1. Ah thank-you! I have the Canon EOS M10 in white, I definitely recommend it if you're looking for good allrounder camera! x

  3. Love this outfit, and that jacket looks so cosy xxx


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