3 August 2017

Travel: Amsterdam

Yes, I'm back to blogging. Well perhaps not back back, I just miss writing, I miss putting a post together and I miss having some kind of creative direction. Basically I'm not committing myself to anything, I just want to write and share things that I love. Amsterdam was somewhere that I loved, its a vv pretty city and was even better that when we went the weather was amazinggg...

We went for 2 nights, which looking back wasn't really enough time, we could have done with just one more day perhaps. But alas, on the first day we checked into out Hotel, we stayed at the Mr Jordaan which i couldn't recommend more. The staff were soso friendly and it's in such a good location (we were able to walk to most places). After that we just had a bit of mooch around, had some lunch and then thought it would be a good idea to rent a pedalo. This wasn't a good idea, those things are bloody difficult to steer, I mean it was funny (a lot of passers by were laughing anyway) but at the time it was a nightmare.

Second day, we got up early and headed to the I amsterdam sign, we went to the busiest one which was a bit of a mistake. However we thought it made more sense because it's nearer Vondel park and 3 museum/ exhibition places. We decided to go to the Moco museum, which was really interesting, all about Salvador Dali and Banksy. Then we headed to rent some bikes, which we were both pretty skeptical about because we were guaranteed to just get in everyones way. However, we survived and had a laavely cycle around Vodel Park. We then went to this food market that was recommended to us by our hotel and it was seriously good, like if you love food (and who doesn't) then you'd love this place! It's called Foodhallen. I haven't got any pictures of it cos food always distracts me from all other things, but trust me it's worth a visit, it's basically just a massive food market in what I believe was an old train station.

Then we just had a chilled evening, got some dinner ahem pizza ahem. And got prepared for travelling home the next day, we didn't want to do too much on our final day because of timings and making sure we didn't miss our flight. So we decided to go to Mook pancakes which was on my list to go to from seeing them on numerous blogs and instagram pages. Fair to say it didn't disappoint, they where blummin great pancakes.

So yeah, that was my first visit to Amsterdam...

Millie x

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  1. I love Amsterdam so much!
    Miki x



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