20 February 2017

Some New ColourPop Goodies

Hola!... Sorry I've been MIA recently. This week has been hectic to say the least, Mercury must have been in retrograde (I think that's a bad thing) or something because nothing was going right. I might do an update post soon but for now lets focus on ~make-up~ or more specifically these new ColourPop Lip goodies I got the other week.

It was so hard to decide which shades to get, but in the end I went for Sunday which is an Ultra Matte Lip and to go with it also got the lip liner in Brink. Then, I also wanted a slightly more natural/ light shade so got Magic Wand which is an Ultra Satin Lip and to go with that got another Lippie Pencil in BFF...

First off, I really like the ColourPop Lippie pencils. They're really smooth and make it so easy to get that defined line and they make a great base for whatever lip product you're applying on top. To be honest I didn't really notice whether it made my lipstick stay on longer however it definitely made the application neater and made the colour bolder. As for Sunday, this is probably my favourite colour out of the two. It's a deep pink, rose colour that matches Brink perfectly and is so easy to apply. It's lasting power is insane, maybe a bit too good tbh, there's just no getting it off. I find all matte lipsticks drying so I'm not exactly going to bash it for that. But it does make your lips feel dry so just be aware if you already have chapped lips; you might want to apply a lip balm or something first.

These two compliment each other so well. Although Magic Wand is a bit darker and browner than I was imagining (is it just me who thinks it look totally different to the picture on the website, maybe it just depends on your natural lip colour...) but never the less I do quite like it. It's a natural/ nude shade that's suitable for both day and night and I can imagine it goes with a lot of different eye looks and outfits. As for the Satin Finish, it just looks matte to me. I don't really see the satin-ness. But I guess it doesn't feel as dry as Sunday, but it's still quite drying compared to other lipsticks I've tried. This also stays put all day and I just love how bold and pigmented the colour is. 

Altogether, I like all these products. They're great quality for the price (however I did forget about the customs charge so thanks Royal Mail) but other than that I was so impressed with the quality and most of all the lasting power. The ColourPop packaging is also really cute and I love the iridescent/ silver logo. 

Have you tried anything from ColourPop?! What shades would you recommend?! (i kinda regret not getting a red shade)

Millie x 

p.s I've had my hair dyed again, I hated my balayage so got it dyed back to all brown - some of the blondes starting to come out again though. But I'm so happy to be back to (nearly) one colour aha!  



  1. I so want to try ColourPop! Wish it was easier to get it in Europe without having to give your arm and a leg for it 😔 you look gorgeous!

    Francisca | www.franciscamay.com

  2. I so want to try some of the colourpop lip products and also the shadows! You went for such pretty shades. They really suit you xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  3. brink looks amazing. such a beautiful colour. i have yet to get any colourpop goodies for myself.


  4. I really want to try some of these products! Sunday and brink look incredible on you! xx

  5. Both shades really suit you. I still haven't tried any of the Colourpop lip products but absolutely love their eyeshadows and highlighters! x

    Jordan Alice

  6. ee these look so nice. Wanted to try something from colour pop for so long! Love your blog:D



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