28 January 2017

First ASOS Haul of the Year

Honestly cannot wait until spring and summer when there's actually some natural light and my photos won't look like they've been taken underground. Anyway, I've been buying again - something I'd like to do less of this year - but y'know it's January and I wanted a bit of a refresh. That's my excuse anyway....

I'm really happy with what I've recently bought. Sometimes with ASOS you never really know what your getting but this was actually a successful order. These pictures don't really do any of these clothes justice but they're all pieces that are versatile and things that I'll get a lot of wear out of. Firstly that white blouse, it looked so pretty on the internet and it's just as pretty in real life. It's a really flattering fit with ruffles and I think this is going to look so great paired with some relaxed jeans and boots or even converse. Second up is the black, floral smock dress. The print is so cute and the sleeves kind of puff out, I can't wait to start wearing this in the warmer months. I also picked up some fish net tights, I want to see if I can pull of the whole fish-nets under jeans trend - probably can't but I'm staying hopeful aha! Finally, this amazing coat, which is from Warehouse via ASOS and it's just the softest, cosiest jacket I have ever owned. It's a super flattering fit and I really like how it's not too bulky, which I hate being more on the petite side. 

I've bought a few other bits recently, but thought this post would be so long if I included them. I thought about maybe doing a video, but every time I've gone to do a video I just wimp out and it never get's posted. However, do let me know if that would be something your interested in and maybe I'll stop being so pathetic and get one done next week!

Millie x



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