26 January 2017

Berlin 2017

Last week I went with my University course to Berlin. I'd never really thought about going to Berlin however, since I'd never been to Germany I thought it'd be a good opportunity. Berlin is an extremely interesting city with so many historical landmarks. It really surprised me how industrial it was there, everything was very spaced out and big. We chose to walk around on the first day and that was a huge mistake, I think we did about 22,000 steps which is insane (for me anyway)! So getting the hang of all the tram and underground systems was essential, however, I can't take credit for that because I'm so useless when it comes to directions. But it did make everything much easier and we ended up getting a lot more done. So, instead of rambling on about what I did I thought I'd just list all the things we got up to...

- Berlin Cathedral
- Brandenburg Gate
- Reichstag
- Ethical Fashion Show
- Bikini Berlin
- Premium and Seek + Bright Trade Show
- Magic Beans Gallery - If you see me, now you don't exhibition by Sang Woo Kim
- Topography of Terrors
- Holocaust Memorial
- Berlin Wall and the East Side Gallery

So yeah, that was my time in Berlin - overall, it was an interesting but seriously cold experience. I posted some more photos over on my instagram, if you'd like to take a look! Also, I do have posts planned I promise it's just my deadline week this week and I'm so bad at multitasking, so that's why it's been quiet, sorry...

Millie x

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  1. Sounds like an interesting trip, and your photos are lovely! Good luck with your deadlines!

    Amber - amberelb.com

  2. The FCP trip to Berlin is just amazing! Despite the cold, it's such a fab city! Your snaps are gorgeous Millie! x


    1. Yeah, it was very cold but so fun! Thank-you! x


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