19 December 2016

An Honest (and Early) list of Goals for 2017

2016 hasn't been a great blogging year for me. I mean it started off well - but then uni work, life stuff and lets be honest, just plain laziness got in the way. I think another reason I haven't been blogging as often is plainly because I don't feel as passionate about it anymore. My enthusiasm for blogging disappeared and I can't seem to get it back. Anyway, I want 2017 to be the year that I get shit done (is that still like, a thing people say?!). I'm kind of excited and nervous all at the same time, but I have a few goals for next year that (hopefully) I'll achieve...

1. Do more Illustration and set up my own shop - I've loved illustrating and drawing since a really young age and as I've gotten older, like many other things, comparison got in the way. I never really felt my work was good enough to share. However, I've realised that that's a stupid excuse and I really want to do more illustration work and hopefully get my own shop together, with prints and cards etc. I know that'll take some time and hard work, but it's something I've wanted to do for years now.

2. Blog change up - yup, this place is going to be shifting too. Don't get me wrong, I still love clothes and make-up. But I don't want to write about that anymore. I do want to still write about fashion and maybe post the odd outfit post - but I'm shit at make-up, I love it but I'm not good enough to give other people advice on it and always felt a bit fake doing so.

Instead I want my content to be more about illustration, days out, fashion and maybe the odd interiors post. Also, I'm thinking of changing my blog name again - just to my normal name (aha!)... but I don't know...

3. Travel to at least 3 different countries - Well, I'm off to Berlin in January, so already off to a good start. However there's so many beautiful places I really want to see and hopefully, tick off my list in 2017.

4. Get Fit - This is my aim every year, it never happens and every  December I finish the year looking more like a potato than a Victoria Secret model...

5. Take uni seriously - I was really lazy last year with my uni work, I didn't get the grade that I wanted and rightly so. But this year I want to change that and hopefully do a lot better. I need to start going to the library more and really get on top and organised with my work.

So here's to a more productive and successful 2017!

Millie x

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