23 November 2016

Desk Space Ideas

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Pinterest is my favourite place to go for room ideas, there's just so many dreamy pictures. At the moment I'm focussing on my desk space, since I've started back at uni this is where I'm spending a lot of my time therefore I want it to be creative and I guess, inspiring. I need to start putting pictures on my wall for starters, I really like the peg idea in picture two. As well as that I also love all the illustrations and painting in number three, I really want to get around to making some of my own prints for my wall - but I'm just not sure what to do yet...

I'd also like to get some more succulents or cactus's, the last plant I had on my desk died - which is not surprising - but my cactus's on my drawers are still going strong so I figure I should just stick to them. I do like plants in my room though, it adds some life and almost brightens everything up.

These are a selection of my favourite's but there's more on my Desk Space Ideas board on Pinterest if you'd like to have a gander over there - I'm a little bit obsessed with Pinterest...

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p.s this is my Room Snippets post - if you want to have a nosey at that - tbh my room hasn't changed much since then! 


  1. love these pictures
    you really get inspired by it

    Polished Cats

  2. having plants in my room is one of the best things, they just brighten things up!



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