4 October 2016

WISH LIST // The Winter Coat Edition

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Come this time, every year I'm mainly excited about two things; Christmas and buying a new winter coat. Maybe it's too early and perhaps I should just be a bit more patient - but their seems to be nothing catching my eye. Normally I have an idea in my head of what I want but this year, nada, nothing! So I thought I'd do a bit of a brainstorm. Fur, as per usual, seems to be everywhere. They do (faux ones obvs) look nice, paired with the right outfit and I'm especially fond of this one from Cath Kidston. As well as that, I'm getting some Acne inspired vibes and would love to say I could pull of a shearling jacket, cos they look so ~chic and cool~, but I doubt I can.

My other two options are either a traditional, collared, boyfriend coat type thang. Which I do love and you can't really go wrong with however, I would like to try something different. That pink Zara number is pretty darn cute though - also low key scared I'd look like a walking marshmallow. Finally, option two; a classic parka. A bit boring but they are practical and they look so warm. 

So they're my options; recommendations/ opinions welcome! 

Millie x



  1. I really love the TopShop coat (6), it's so cute! xo

    McKenzie | therosynook.com

  2. The 5th and 8th coat are so cute!


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