2 October 2016

TRAVEL // Australia and Back to Blogging

It actually feels a bit weird to be back, typing up a blog post. I feel so guilty for not blogging over the last couple of months, however I've also enjoyed stepping back and having a little break. So I guess the big news is that I braved the 24hr (or so) plane journey to Australia. I stayed in Perth for 3 weeks with my Uncle and Auntie and had the most amazing time. We also managed to get over to Sydney for a few days, which was a nice surprise. Australia is a bloody beautiful place, with some of the most gorgeous, clear beaches I have ever seen. People keep asking what my favourite part was, but I honestly cannot choose. I got to hold a Koala Bear which was adorable, ride around Rottenness Island and spot Quokkas, visit Bondi Beach, hire out a boat and see Dolphins in Mandurah, visit the Blue Mountains, take a Tour around Fremantle prison, walk around Kings Park and eat so much amazing food. I could literally go on and on about my trip in Australia, it's somewhere I've always wanted to go and even though there's so many more places left to explore there, I still had the most amazing time.

Before that however, I also celebrated my 20th, yeah 20th, Birthday. I can't believe I'm 20, I only look about 16 and I'm definitely not prepared to become a fully fledged adult just yet. However I have always looked forward to my 20's. My teens, well up to a bout 17, where pretty shitty so I'm hoping my 20's will be better. Lastly. before my Birthday I went to V-Festival, which was so fun. I actually thought Justin was pretty good, even though a lot of people thought otherwise.

Anyway, I start back at uni next week so thought I'd get my bum in gear and get back to blogging, because I've missed this little corner of the internet and it actually feels good to be back at it again. So yeah, you should be able to expect new posts more frequently from now on... I hope...

Millie x

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  1. Australia looks stunning; I'm always seeing spots like the Bondi Iceberg Pools on instagram thinking I havee to visit, so it's awesome to say you've been! Can't believe you got to hug Koalas too, that would literally make my life complete :D Glad you're back!

    Esmé // CloudEsmé

    1. Thank you so much! It was an amazing trip x


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