18 July 2016

BEAUTY // Best Brow Duo

Eyebrows are probably what I struggle with the most when it comes to make-up (that and contouring, I honestly don't think my face can be contoured!), there's no in-between; they either look pretty good or really unruly and messy. However, I've recently been loving this combination because they make getting that perfect brow shape even easier. 

So magic product number one, is the infamous Anastasia Brow Wiz. This product is definitely hyped up for a reason, that reason being it's bloody fabulous. The spoolie end is amazing for getting your brows in the right place, I always start by brushing through them and making sure everything's where it's meant to be. I then go in with the pencil, this is such a pigmented pencil. It's not chalky or difficult to apply at all and it fills in your brows so well. I tend to start lightly at the front and then go in a bit thicker towards the arch and sparser areas. 

To keep everything in place all day, I then go in with the Soap & Glory Archery Vol-u Boost Brow Gel which is great. It reminds me a lot of the Benefit Gimme Brow, but perhaps better. It is still a bit gloopy and you do have to scrape off quite a lot of excess product but other than that it's probably the best brow gel I've tried. It sets them in place all day and adds a nice bit of volume so they look naturally thicker.

So yeah, that's my winning combination at the moment that I just cannot get enough of! Have your tried either of these?! What's your go-to brow product?

Millie x



  1. love this post, great review! you look beautiful by the way! <3


  2. Ah I've been dying to try both of these, I can never find Archery in my shade though! Your brows look ON FLEEK, haha x

  3. Ah these are gorgeous - your eyebrows really do look gorgeous!! :)

    Layla xx


  4. Your blog is so aesthetically pleasing :) Great post!
    -Jodie xo


  5. I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but recently I've been using the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil!



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