9 June 2016

Staying at home through University

This is kind of a different post from me, but one I wanted to do because around this time last year when I was making the decision to either stay at home or move into halls, I couldn't find barely anything. There's a lot on moving into halls etc, but hardly anything on staying at home through the first year of university. I know that's probably because one of the biggest things about going to university is moving to a new city and living independently. But I just wanted to write about my experience of staying at home. I was always pretty unsure about halls, the idea of meeting some new people and starting afresh did kind of appeal to me but at the same time I'm a massive introvert and really worried about how I would cope living with people I'd never met before.

Anyway after a lot of deliberating (I'm the worst at making decisions) I decided to stay at home and I'm pretty happy I did. Sure, I missed out on stuff but that's mainly towards me being awful at socialising. No, I didn't do freshers but I do know a few others who stayed at home who did it and a few people living in halls did offer that I could go to there's first, which was so nice. But to be honest, I really don't like clubbing so I don't personally feel like I missed out on that. But if you are worried about missing out on that stuff then don't be, if you're sociable enough and put yourself out there then you should be fine.

Staying at home for me worked, I only live about 20 minutes away from the city and I love my own personal space so I truly feel that this was the best decision. I've also saved a whole load of money because of staying at home. I know that money's a bit of a touchy subject and not the be all and end all, but truthfully another reason I didn't go into halls was because of money and that I couldn't really afford it (even with a maintenance loan). However staying at home meant I could afford to go to New York (with uni), buy a new laptop - which I would have really struggled without over the last couple of terms. There's so much more I've been able to do this year that I would never have been able to do if I'd have gone into halls including an extremely exciting trip to Australia in September, eek!

So to conclude, ahem hem, if you're ready and want to move out then definitely do, I bet it's an incredible experience and teaches you so much about being independent. However, if you're not ready then that's fine too. Just make sure that you're doing the right thing for you and that either way, you're enrolling in a course that you're going to enjoy (that's very important!). Being the anxious little worrier that I am, I perhaps think that I made the best decision for me because hearing peoples stories, I think I would have turned into a stressy mess (and I'm enough of one of them already). Ok, I'm gonna shurrup now, I think I've covered everything. But if you do have any other q's then feel free to drop me an email or leave one in the comments!

Millie x

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  1. Glad it worked best for you! It is always important to make those decisions individually because everyone is different!!

    Emma | With A City Dream

  2. Being an introvert is what made me want to move into halls haha! My parents were very against the notion of me and my sister having any personal space, plus we shared a room so living at home was very invasive. I loved having control of my space in my uni room and found a really nice group of people that didn't always want to go clubbing all the time!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  3. I totally agree, although I feel I missed out a little not studying away there's not way I would have been able to travel to America!

    Hannah | Oh January

  4. As long as you feel like it's the right decision than sure is and don't forget that Everything happens for a reason :)


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