6 June 2016

An ASOS Haul

Well this is all very monochrome isn't it?! I actually didn't intentionally go out of my way to just buy black and white, it's just the colours I constantly reach for. Which is bad, because one of my resolutions for this year was to be more adventurous and confident with clothes. However, I do love all these bits and at least I know I'll wear 'em.

Anyway, let's start with that Lazy Oaf t-shirt. This had been waiting in my saves basket thingy for ages and I thought it was about time it was upgraded to the checkout. I love it, I love Lazy Oaf's stuff all there clothes are so cute and quirky. This is just a little ringer t-shirt that says 'Pain in Ass' in a little love heart and I just really like it. As well as that I also got some espadrilles, they're from New Look but via ASOS, yada yada y'all know what I mean. They're so comfy and were such a good price at £9.99.

I'd wanted a kind of a western/ish looking belt for a while and finally picked this one from Glamorous because it had that kind of silver detailing but it wasn't too in your face. Finally, I got another pair of ASOS's amazing slim fit mom jeans but in black. The fit is so so good and if your looking for a pair of mom jeans (or something a bit different from skinny) then these might just be the answer. I love 'em!

So yeah, they're some of my recent purchases. I might do some outfit posts soon, maybe not but I'd like to so maybe keep an eye out...

Millie xx 

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  1. That tshirt is so so cool, I love it! Super cute x


  2. Those jeans look great! I love ASOS :)

    xo, Liz

  3. I love that t-shirt!! It's so cute!!xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I really like this look refined in every detail
    Your blog is very interesting. Viti mine if you want

  5. The shirt is so cool! Awesome haul!


  6. I only recently brought a pair of these mom jeans and i love them, i think im pretty much officially converted to the asos mom jean, the super high waist completely sold me! The top is also cute af!


  7. Love these espadrilles, such a great dupe for the Chanel ones! :)


  8. i like the shirt it is very cute! x

    jess x | https://wellwellgirls.blogspot.tw/

  9. the shoes are so pretty. i got myself some espadrilles a while back and they are perfect for warmer days.


  10. I love Asos and the jeans are amazing, I have these ones in my saved basket, need to invest xoxo

  11. That t-shirt is so cute, I love little slogan at the moment :)
    xxx Claire

  12. Just popped over to Asos to save those mum jeans. They looked too cute (and you're right I am getting tired of my skinny jeans) :)xx



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