6 April 2016

Giving False Lashes another Try

Myself and false eyelashes have a love/ hate relationship. I mean I love the look of them and that they mean you don't have to use any eyeliner. But they're just such a pain to apply! Anyway, I was kindly asked if I'd like to try these Threads Angel Lashes and thought I'd give them a go. I originally asked for the Rock Chic lashes because I loved the look of the criss cross effect, but Threads also sent me the Be-Bop lashes which was so nice.

Anyway, each pack comes with glue and the instructions on how to apply them are on the back of the box. Honestly, I've only tried the Rock Chic ones so far and although they are a little tricky to apply, the end result looks really good. Obviously you'll need to measure them to your lash line and cut them down, I also trimmed the ends of the lashes a little bit so they looked more 'natural'. The glue they come with is also really great and they don't feel as though they're going to fall off as soon as you step outside the house. All in all I'm really happy with these, I wouldn't necessarily recommend them if you're a total beginner. But for practised false lash gals, these are brilliant and for £9 you can't really go wrong. Also the packaging is so nice and simple, I love the bold red colour and the retro feel of them.

What do you think of false lashes?



  1. They sound fab! I love how dainty and cute they look. I'm hopeless at applying them but the end result is always lovely. I personally love cluster lashes! I'd love to be able to afford them all the time ahhh


  2. I have a set of these too, I'm still yet to try them out! They look so nice though, and love a thin band. They're so much easier to apply with a thinner band. I'm rubbish at applying them too haha x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com


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