4 April 2016

4 Tips for When You're Trying to Save

A bit of a different post for me. But as a girl who can massively over indulge in make-up and clothes. I've been a lot more aware recently, that if I actually want to buy big, important things in life (not that clothes aren't important, but y'know what I mean) I'm going to have to start being more careful with my money. So here are some things that I'm doing at the moment to try and save...

G E T   A  S A V I N G S   A C C O U N T

Well don't just go and set up a savings account, make sure you do your research first! But either way, if you have a job, when payday rolls up take a sensible chunk out and put it away every month. That way you'll know it's there (incase of emergencies) but you're also not spending it. Each month it'll hopefully build up and who know's what you'll be able to spend it on!

S T O P   G O I N G   T O   C O S T A

Drinks from coffee shops are ridiculous. I have a Costa on my uni campus and every other day I buy one and hate myself a little bit more. They're SUCH a waste of bloody money. Yeah, treat yourself sometimes as a treat or to be sociable. But just fill up a bottle of water before you leave the house. Buying coffee in to-go cups is also extremely shitty for the environment, this article might put you off buying one to-go altogether.

B U Y   T H I N G S   T H A T   M A K E   Y O U   H A P P Y

I picked up this tip from The Every Girl and it's such a good'n. I know people have bills and  things, but other than the stuff you have to pay for. Make sure all the other things you're buying truly make you happy. Make a list of the things you buy regularly and take a look at the things that have actually made you happy and you've got some fulfilment out of.

S H O P   A R O U N D

I know I sound like a proper granny, but seriously I find Treseme shampoo at Wilkos for £1.99 - whereas at Boots, for near enough the exact same product it's £4.99, whut?! So try and think about the things you buy and see if you can get them cheaper else where, especially when it comes to the essentials.

So yeah, I hope that's helpful. Obviously I'm no money saving expert, but they're just some things I'm doing at the moment to try and save up some pennies!



  1. I ALWAYS buy coffee at uni! It's a terrible habit and I really need to break it!! I have a Nespresso machine at home as well, I could just take a travel cup but I choose expensive coffee shops?! Lol x

    Natasha Kendall

  2. Such good tips :) I spend way too much in costa :/ x

  3. I definitely need to adopt the costa tip! Even though I think its only £2-3 here and there it definitely adds up

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  4. I spend so much money in my uni coffee machines ! I really should stop ! Great post !
    Alexandra xx

  5. One of the best things I did was stop going to Starbucks. Great for my wallet and waist!

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne


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