14 March 2016

Room Snippets

My room is kind of an on-going project, I had a bit of a revamp recently and nothing's exactly finished yet. But this is where I've got to so far. The main reason I moved my room around was; I really wanted a desk in my room. My desk is from Ikea and it's the Micke desk, which is bascially just a simple white desk. I also found a dupe for that Eames chair on Amazon, for like half the price which was amazing and to dress it up a bit (ahem, make it more pinterest-y) I bought one of those faux sheepskin rugs from Ikea and threw it over the back. I do really want some shelves above my desk, because I have loads of books but they're currently just piled in a corner. So I'd really like to get those on display.

You probably already know what my clothes draw looked like, they're the main place I take my blog photos (cos that's where the best light is!). But I thought I'd show you them in full anyway. My calendars from Rifle Paper Co. via Nouvelle Daily's shop, I absolutely love this calendar - it's like having a pretty, new print every month! Then I have my cactus' which are again, from Ikea, the candle's from UO and then there's a pile of Vogue magazines.

And finally, my bedside table's pretty standard. I've got all my skincare stuff on there so it's easy to reach as soon as I get up or go to bed. Then my pineapple photo frame is from Urban Outfitters and the little bowl next to it is from Sainsbury's. I actually got two of them bowls because they where only like 50p, which I thought was amazing.

So they're some snippets of my room!



  1. SO pretty, I love this kind of interior :)

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk xx

  2. These are such pretty photos, and all the white space is so calming!

    Esmé / CloudEsmé

  3. You have some gorgeous things in your room, Millie! I especially love your distressed dresser. It's giving me room envy, mine is long overdue a makeover xx

    Beth | Alphabeth

  4. Love the minimal aspects of it! Very nice!


  5. Everything about this is what I need in my bedroom, I have a similar pineapple ornament, aren't they so cute?! And that rustic chest of drawers, *serious heart eyes emoji*. I'm practically drooling? Haha.

    Love, Maia

  6. I love this! I also decorate my room with books! It's nice to actually display them rather than putting them away.

    xx Jasmine| http://www.jasmineworewhat.com

  7. You did a great job with your room! It looks clean and rustic chic from what I see. I do love Ikea, they have the best pieces for decor...wish we live close to one.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. This room is lovely! Love the details <3
    Jessie | Bear and Berries | Instagram


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