27 March 2016

Room Ideas #2

Hey there! Hope you're having a lovely Easter Weekend, hopefully eating too much chocolate, having a roast dinner and just generally having a great time. I was stuck at work on Friday and Saturday but have broken up from uni (yes!) and have the next two weeks off, which I'm so excited for. I really want to be productive in these weeks though and not waste them watching telly and eating left over chocolate... ok, I take back the latter, eating chocolate is definitely not time-wasting... anyway!...

So this week I'd really like to 'spring clean' and (hopefully) get my room finished. As always I've been obsessively pinning pretty bedroom inspiration to my Room Ideas board on Pinterest and these are just a few of my favourites. Although I don't think decorating my room with loads of plants would be a great idea - I do love that room. But my aim is to get it looking more like the picture to the right of it. I just love the bedding in the first image, the pink cushions with the little grey fluffy one looks so cute. Anyway that's what I'm hoping to achieve in the next few weeks...

As well as that I'm also gonna try and eat all of my easter chocolate and finish watching Game of Thrones (late on the bandwagon again, I know, but I'm so obsessed!) - Happy Easter!   



  1. Wow love the wooden headboard!


  2. All these rooms look so pretty ! I especially like the ones with the plants !
    Alexandra xx

  3. The room with all the plants looks nice, but it's a bit OTT for me lol I like the first picture! :) Yes you're right, eating chocolate is not time wasting haha! Xx


  4. Interiors dreaming is definitely my favourite thing to do on Pintrest! Love these ideas that you've picked out, and I am such a fan of plants hanging from the celiling - I've seen a few resturants do it and would love to recreate it when I eventually get a home of my own :) x
    Charlotte's Road


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