28 February 2016

This weeks most popular

This week has been a bit of a busy one, basically filled with uni work and working at the shop I work at, basically just work! Anyway as well as that, this week I've also discovered a podcast I love, got my life (a bit) more organised and improved my crappy mood, that I seemed to be stuck in for about 3 weeks - this was also helped by eating too many mini eggs, oops!

#1 - #Girlboss radio - Sophia Amoruso the founder and owner of Nasty Gal and possibly one of my favourite people ever has recently started her own podcasts and they're pretty amazing. They're each about an hour long and every week she interviews different "girlbosses" and invites them to share how they got to where they are. They're really interesting and funny podcasts, my favourites include her interview with Courtney Love and Kay Cannon (screenwriter for Pitch Perfect & Pitch Perfect 2!).

#2 - Designed myself a new CV - I've been getting really stressed about internships recently. The only CV I have is the one I handed out to get a retail job and even though it's an alright CV, it's definitely not something I'd be confident sending to Head Offices. So I finally stopped being lazy and designed a new CV, with a cute (but not too cute!) layout and errrthang. So I'm hoping that's going to help land me a good internship. If you want some inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go!

#3 - Revamped my wardrobe - As I said in a previous post I'd recently gotten myself into a bit of slump, with a crappy mood and no motivation to blog. So one night last week at about 10pm I gave in and ordered a bunch of clothes I've wanted for ages and because of the miracle that's ASOS premier, I received them the next day. Although clothes are superficial yadayadayada, theirs not doubt that they boost your mood, so I'll just be here stroking my new jumper... too far?! Ok.

#4 - I bought tickets for V Fest! - As soon as I saw the line-up I was like yup, I'll be going to that thank-you! I'm only going for a day because I'm neither a huge fan of camping or festival toilets so a day is enough for me and of course, I'm going on the day Justin Bieber's headlining it, eek!



  1. I never though of Pinterest for my CV ! Thank you for the tip !

  2. Pinterest is my favourite for design inspiration - I got so many ideas for my CV on there and i've also been loving it for interiors ideas recently too :)

    Caz | This is Caz

  3. I had no idea Girl Boss radio existed, I 100% need this in my life! Xx www.britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk


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