4 February 2016

Things I've learnt about Blogging... So far!

Y O U    S H O U L D N' T    T A K E    I T    T O O    S E R I O U S L Y :

Right now, for me blogging is just a hobby. But it's sometimes easy to obsess over numbers and get down about how well - or not so well your blogs doing. But to be honest, who cares?!?! Obviously if this is your job then, yeah, it does matter. But if it's just a hobby then relax, enjoy it and post what-ever you want to post. Your blog is your space and sure it's nice to have people reading and commenting, but at the end of the day if you blummin' love it then that's all that matters.

G E T   O R G A N I Z E D :

Ok, I put my hands up, even though I like to think I'm organised - most of the time I'm the absolute opposite. But when I am organised, life just seems a whole lot easier! I always write a list of all the blog posts I want to do. Decide what day will be best to take the photos - so I can charge my camera - and I also draw pictures of the photograph's I want to take. I find this really useful because then I know exactly what I want to include in the photo, the lay-out I want to achieve and it just makes the whole process quicker. As for writing posts, I never really plan, hence the huge amount of embarrassing spelling mistakes, oops.

B E   S O C I A L :

Commenting on other blogs is great, I love reading blogs and have found so many of my favourites through clicking on links in the comments. It's also just a great way to interact with other bloggers and get your own blog out there as well. Twitter and Instagram are also amazing, but I'm still not as confident with getting my blog out there on those platforms yet.

M Y   T O P   5   M U S T - H A V E S :

1. A Notebook - I always like to jot my ideas down on paper.
2. Photoshop - This just improved the quality of my images so much!!
3. A Tri-pod
4. A Camera
5. A good background to take flat-lay photos on - I tend to use the surface of my clothes draws or my desk.

So they're just a few things that I've picked up so far that have made blogging easier for me, I'd love to know if you have anything that you'd add!



  1. Your blog is one of my favourites, don't be afraid to promote your part of the web on Instagram and Twitter. I can guarantee that everyone will love it! This was another great post Millie! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. This is such a great post, completely agree with all the points you said! I'm also a little nervous about promoting my blog on Twitter and Instagram, not sure when and if I will get round to doing it! xo


  3. These were some really great reminders! I know I need to stop worrying about numbers and actually create content for my blog that makes me happy and is true to myself. I love the idea of drawing out the ideas for pictures first, as that's what I find the most difficult. Thanks! Also thinking I need to get a tripod now... what camera do you use?

    Emma | www.thehappyjournal.com

  4. I am so unorganised but really need to start because although my blog is just a hobby I do want to try and do regualar posting. Also I am so bad at taking pictures, I still need to try and improve my photography skills, I really want a tripod to help me take outfit pictures. Maybe this is the year I sort out my photography.x

  5. lovely post! love the calendar! I've found too that having a good background to lay products on really improved the amount of people who viewed that post!


  6. I think blogging can be so addictive so it's best to keep it a hobby rather than something that I spend me entire life on. Blogging does take a lot of planning and writing things down etc. but I think it's pointless to work so hard on your blog and not get out there and be social with other bloggers. How will anyone ever see any of your hard work?? RIGHT??!?!

    Heba xx || The Heba

  7. I just find out your blog and I'm loving it. I totally agree with what you said about not letting the numbers affect you. I do this because I love sharing and writing about the things I like so yeah haha.
    Ps: you should be comfort putting your blog on your social media, it's amazing!!


  8. Great post, sounds like you're pretty organised! I agree that it helps to remember that it is just a hobby, particularly when you're tending a busy inbox and working with brands it can be easy to get quite stressed about it!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog


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