27 February 2016

How to get a job at Vogue

After her successful first series of 'The Future of Fashion' on YouTube with British Vogue, Alexa Chung popped up once again in my subscription box this month with a brand new half an hour long documentary on getting a job at British Vogue. The first series of The Future of Fashion where so interesting and I would recommend taking a look at them, if you haven't already (here's the playlist! p.s series 2 is coming soon, eek!). But this one drew me in more than any other because, I mean it's Vogue and what person who wants a job in the fashion industry wouldn't want to work at Vogue (or at least have a nosey around their offices!).

Anyway this video is excellent, you basically follow Alexa around the Vogue office's whilst she interviews a few awe inspiring women. They include Vogue's editor Alexandra Schulman, creative director Jaime Perlman and fashion director Lucinda Chambers. It's so fascinating to find out what they do and as a fashion student it was helpful hearing their tips on how to break into the industry.

As well as that Alexa also visited the team who deals with all the Social Media aspects and the Vogue website, which was so impressive because it's amazing how fast paced that sector is. Anyway I'm going to stop waffling on now and let you watch the video because you seriously need to watch it, like right now!



  1. I have loved the "Future of fashion" so I can't wait to watch the video !


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