4 January 2016

My Style Resolution

A few weeks ago I got a really exciting email from Boohoo about making a Fashion Resolution. They asked if I'd like to pick something from their site, that I would like to wear more of in 2016. Last year I basically lived in my black skinny jeans. I just wore them with everything and got very lazy with my personal style. Not so fun fact, the only skirt I bought last year was that denim button down one and as for dresses their was a grand total of erm...0. So I thought this 'Fashion Resolution' idea was perfect! This year I want to start wearing more skirts and dresses and start dressing more like how I want to dress. This resolution also comes hand-in-hand with building on my confidence. Black jeans became a fail-safe and a comfort zone last year and I need to start venturing out of that!

As for the skirt, I was really impressed. I selected the petite version, which I would definitely recommend if you're also on the shorter side because the length is perfect! The suede effect adds a really nice effect to an outfit and I love the button down detail. I think these button down skirts are going to become a wardrobe favourite of mine because they seem to fit so nicely. If you're not convinced about the whole button down style, Boohoo would be a great place to start because they're so affordable but still good quality. I decided to style it with the softest stripy top and my new pointed boots - definitely looks better than skinny jeans aha!  

I N   T H I S   P O S T



  1. I really like the skirt!

  2. Looking so pretty Millie, this outfit is just gorgeous! x


  3. The skirt is just gorgeous, I used to wear only dresses and skirts. I need to go back to that!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  4. I have the same skinny jeans problem, button up skirts are such a cute alternative x

    Dana || fashion-dew.blogspot.com

  5. That skirt looks so good on you Millie!! I love the idea of a style resolution, such a cool thought! x


  6. the skirt is absolutely pretty and suits you so well. also, congrats on working with boohoo. thats amazing.


  7. Outfit on fleek, I love that skirt so much. I need to make a fashion resolution too, I just like wearing black leggings or track/lounge pants. I love your boots as well! You look fantastic! X

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  8. I love how the top and the skirt compliment each other well! Great outfit and good luck in stepping out of these jeans and into more skirts and dresses!x


  9. I hear you and your black skinny jeans, whenever I left the house I would wear them though when I bought a black Zara skirt it got better so I will jump on your train to a style resolution and wear more then my black skinny jeans :D
    Love the outfit btw :)
    Jenny Side Up

  10. Such a cute outfit, and very randomly I also love your wardrobe!


  11. Such a lovely skirt. I tend to wear skirts more often because it makes me look more dressed up with minimal effort xx


  12. What a great idea! Black skinny jeans are my comfort outfit too but definitely worth making the effort.


  13. I love your outfit! I want to wear more skirts/dresses this year too, since starting at college I've found myself more and more in my black jeans and I need to branch out!x


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