1 January 2016

Hello 2016!

Happy New Year!! I hope you had an amazing New Year's eve, whatever you decided to do. I'm really excited for this year, I really hope it's gonna be a good one. But like every year I've set myself some goals. Last year I kind of did ok with my resolutions, I got into uni and I finally passed my driving test. But I didn't travel as much as I'd have liked, so I've set myself some new goals this year that hopefully I'll stick too...

Goals for 2016 

- Travel to all the places. Ok maybe not all the places, but definitely more than last year. I'm a real home bird, I just love the comfort of my own room. But I really want to get out of my comfort zone more this year and see new places. I'm already off to a good start going to New York (in like 10 days?!) so hopefully I'm starting as I mean to go on!

- Go to a festival. Last year I didn't go to any festivals and I just feel like I missed out. Definitely going to get myself organised and book one this year!

- Become more confident in my car. I get quite anxious about driving especially if I'm going somewhere I'm not familiar with and I really want to improve on this. I'd love to just get in my car and go wherever I want with-out feeling nervous.

- Just become more confident in general, stop apologising for things (I literally say sorry for saying "sorry"!), worry less and just relax more.

- Don't buy as many material things! I'm a clothes and make-up girl through and through, the amount of money I've probably wasted on things I never wear is awful. I'm not saying cut out make-up and clothes all together (come on, that would just be stupid!) but only buy things that I know I'll wear and use!

- Also I need to get better at saving money...

- Take better care of myself. I've been obsessed with this Skin Cleanse book and it's made me realise that I need to start taking better care of my body. That means exercising more (boo!) and making more meals myself instead of eating so much crap which is doing nothing for my skin.

- Finallyy, I definitely want to keep up blogging and post more regularly than I did last year. I somehow managed to hit 400 followers in 2015 which I'm so grateful for and absolutely love reading the comments you leave. So I really want keep this hobby up as I enjoy it so much. I've also had a little revamp recently. I finally caved and bought a pipdig blog template and I'm so so so happy with how it looks!

So yeah, they're my resolutions for this year. Again, I hope you had a Happy New Year and are looking forward 2016!



  1. That books sounds really interesting, I might give it a read! :)


  2. it honestly took my quite a while to get confident with my driving and now i drive everywhere and absolutely love it. when i was scared i asked friends who were more experienced to come with me and it helped so much.


  3. I would love to go travelling this year but it probably won't happen! Good luck with your goals!

  4. These are such great resolutions and all things that I want to do too! Especially with travelling and my skincare routine - 2016 is the year to pamper!:D Hope you had an amazing New Year too!

    - www.veebzboo.com
    - http://bit.ly/1QZx3R3 - CHATTY New Year's Eve Make-up Look

  5. Such great resolutions and I definitely need to adopt a lot of these! Ps. the blog template looks great!


  6. I hope 2016 treats you well hun!

    Dana || Fashion Dew

  7. These are some nice resolutions, I definitely want to post more as well! xx Lexi


  8. Oh, NYC !! Lucky you (:
    Nati xx

  9. i'm so jealous you're going to new york! your blog is so good, how do you have so few followers?!

  10. I can relate to so many of these! Especially being nervous when you drive anywhere, I think I'm only just about over it, but it get's better I promise! Have a lovely time in New York! :)

  11. Best of luck achieving these! Going to a festival is something I really, really want to do this year!


  12. Looks like you're off to a great start for the year! I'm new to your blog, but the new layout looks beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful travel-filled year, and hopefully you have a wonderful time in New York!

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  13. I can definitely relate to so many of your goals for this year and good luck with everything! Also I just had to ask: where is that calendar in the photo from? It looks amazing!

    Also feel free to check out my blog!

    Claudia | www.maximalista.co.uk

    1. Thank-you and it's originally from Rifle Paper Co but I got mine from nouvelledaily.com! :)


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