20 December 2015

Pinterest Inspired Hair Styles

I've wanted to do a post like this for ages and although the pictures are a bit yellow (Aghh I hate winter!) I really enjoyed doing this. I could do spend so long pinning pretty hairstyles on Pinterest and I really wanted to give a few of them a go myself. I tried to simplify them as much as I could and for the majority you only really need a bobble and a hair brush. I would also recommend trying these hairstyles when your on day two hair because then you have a bit more texture and it's easier to work with...

1. The Single French Braid - This is probably the one I've been seeing on Pinterest the most recently, it's just such a laid back, pretty hairstyle that would be perfect to wear on holiday or at a festival. It's so easy to do, you just basically french braid your hair right from the top and then just secure it in place with a bobble at the end.

2. Half up/ Tucked under Pony-tail - (Didn't really know what to call this one!) But I've worn this style a few times now and it's nice if you want to look like you've made a bit of an effort. You just basically get two, relatively thick pieces of hair from the sides of your head. Bring them into a normal pony-tail and then just twist the pony-tail up and back through the two pieces. Then just tighten it and mess it up a little for a tousled effect.

3. Side braid and Pony-tail - This one would probably work better if you have a side parting then you're just using the hair from one section to plait into a thick braid. Try and make the braid as thick as you can and then quickly bring the rest of the hair into the braid and secure into a pony-tail. I then just tightened the pony-tail up a bit and using straighteners, added some loose waves to the ends.

4. Double French Braid - This is probably the most daring style out of the four but I did really like the final result. The photo I was trying to re-create was this one. I just split my hair into two sections and then just did the same as I did for the single french braid. But instead of plaiting all the way to the bottom of my hair I just left the ends.

I'm quite happy with this post, I might put all the styles up individually on Pinterest so feel free to have a look on their if you like! I also might do a summer version later next year because I really enjoyed having a go at the different styles. Anyway, it's now also only 5 (FIVEEE) days away from Christmas eeek!



  1. This is a really fab post! Love that you've actually done these yourself rather than just showing photos of hairstyles you want to recreate, it's nice to see that they can actually be achieved by normal people haha! xx

    Megan | Lazy Thoughts

  2. I love braiding my hair but because it's black, you can't even see the pattern. Braids look gorgeous in your hair, you've done a lovely job!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  3. These all look absolutely gorgeous! Your hair is so beautiful x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  4. Gorgeous post.


  5. All of these are amazing! I love the bottom left, I wish my hair was thicker as they never look this pretty on me! <3 You've got gorgeous hair! xxx

    Montse ¦ BEAUTEUR

  6. All these styles are absolutely gorgeous - love them all! Hope you had a lovely Christmas hun! :)

    Layla xx



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