7 December 2015

Our New Puppy

Sooo this is Freddie our new Dachshund puppy. Ain't he just a cutie? I think he's about 9 weeks old now and my mum asked me to take some nice shots of him whilst he's a puppy, so I thought why not put them on here too. He looks like such an angel in these pictures but believe me, it took a lot of patience and treats to get these photos. He's such a character, he's addicted to socks (even if they're still on your feet) and his favourite place to sleep is on top of the Sky box. He's such a little wierdo but we love him anyway. Our other older dog Louis who's about 9 now is a little cautious of him but he's slowly getting used to having a small bundle of energy running round him...

This is also a little sneak peak at my new room. I've swapped my bed and my wardrobe over, stripped my wallpaper off and painted my walls white. I'm so happy with it so far and can't wait to post more pictures when it's done!



  1. Oh my god, he's literally so cute, I can't cope! Dachshunds are the best breed! x

    Beth | Alphabeth

  2. Aww Freddie is gorgeous!! My dog went through sock phase but it will eventually pass. Love your bed throw and just discovered your blog - it's lovely :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  3. He's so adorable! What a total cutie.

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  4. I love your photos and also your dog looks adorable! I love his little eyebrow marks ahh so cute! I find it bizarre how some people can not like dogs!x


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