13 December 2015

Feeling Inadequate

So I thought a good old Sunday catch-up post was in order. I haven't done one of these style posts in ages and I've had a lot on my mind recently that I just want to type out. I've been feeling for a while like my blog is a bit inadequate. Disclaimer; I'm not at all looking for pity. But I just feel like I want to push my blog a bit more but I'm struggling... I've been really enjoying actually blogging and improving my pictures but I just can't get my head around the whole social media side of things. I've recently been trying to become more involved on twitter which I really like. However I made a new twitter just for my blog but my Instagram is my personal account and none of my friends or family know I even write a blog. So the thought of sharing all of this with them kinda terrifies me. I know that, that probably sounds really silly and I am super proud of my blog aaand I know that at the end of the day you should blog because you love it and you shouldn't let numbers get in the way. But sometimes it's difficult not too. I look at big bloggers with their beautiful Instagram photos and just wish I could achieve the same thing and shout about my blog but I can't and I just really annoy myself.

This all probably sounds really petty and stupid, I mean come on their are bigger and more important things happening in the world. But that's just what has been bubbling in my little brain recently. I'd be really interested to know if any of you are in the same boat. Or if you have any tips that you think would help me I'd be so so grateful.

On a more positive note I'm making great progress with my room. It's all still a bit messy and I have a few more things too buy but so far so good. I've also split up from uni and I don't think I've mentioned it on here but in January I'm off to New York! I actually can't contain my excitement! I'm a bit of a hysterical flier so that's worrying me a bit but other than that I can't wait. But before that I'm just really looking forward to Christmas this year, I feel very prepared and also kinda can't wait for the new year. I'm planning on doing like a reflective (how dramatic, eh!) post soon so I won't ramble on too much about that.

Anyway I'll stop now, hope you're having a lovely weekend! And remember if you have any tips about social media and getting your blog out there, I'd be very appreciative!  



  1. It's hard to not let those things get to you, though I'm on Twitter I struggle to interact with others and make 'blogging friends'. Twitter chats are the best way to get yourself noticed I think though. Theres so many blogs around you feel slightly like a number, I know I do ha. You could make a blog Instagram if you don't fancy posting on your personal! Enjoy New York it's amazing xx

    Tamz || http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. Yeah I need to get more involved in the chats, they do look like a great way to get involved! Thank-you x

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I'm in the same boat and have a twitter for my blog but my instagram stays personal. I find my twitter works really well if you stay social, and like Tamzin says twitter chats are so great for getting your blog out there :) Just keep being social! NY is just perfection, hope you have an amazing time!

    Hannah | Oh January

    1. Yeah I might try and do as much as I can on Twitter and then slowly start using my Instagram more, and yeah I definitely need to get more involved in the chats! Thank-you x

  3. I haven't been blogging long at all and I have a super small following and I feel this way sometimes, you're super lucky that you have regular readers (like me!) which you've gained yourself without your family and friends but I think you should share your blog with them, you should be super proud of it and tbh most of them probably wont read regularly or mention it, its just nice to share it with them so they know its there and can check it out if they want! Even if you share a random post on facebook with out making it a big thing, I shared my blog with my family and friends, most of them don't really read but some really unlikely people, like my distant uncle, have really taken it on board, I think he promotes my blog more than me!

    Dana || fashion-dew.blogspot.com

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself & definitely don't feel inadequate!! I work in show media & I know how hard it is to create great content & gain followers. It's genuinely the bane of my existence. It's okay to be terrified & it's absolutely okay to to be proud of yourself/your blog. Just remember how far you've come. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  5. I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's so hard when you're comparing yourself to other people all the time, and it's so hard to stop comparing yourself! A lot of my family and friends have never seen my blog, I don't know why but I love keeping it separate from my family and friends just incase they judge! But honestly I love your blog and your photos are always great! Just try and be proud and positive :)




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