24 November 2015

Room Inspiration

(big image, left, right)

Yup, change is gonna be coming on this little space soon. Well hopefully soon, if I can stop procrastinating anyway. I've wanted to re-do my room for a while, I don't want to do anything huge but I have two walls that are wallpapered and I'd really like to strip them and paint them white. I mean I like the wallpaper I have now. But I feel like I've outgrown it and I kinda just want a blank canvas and put some pretty illustrations and prints on there. As well as that I'm also hoping to swap my bed and wardrobe around which will probably mean no more normal outfit posts. I'm hopefully going to try and find another place to take them but I'm currently really enjoying making beauty posts, so I'm not that worried. I'd also really like to get a desk put somewhere in my room, which I'm probably most excited about. I'm so done with sitting on my laptop on my bed it's so uncomfortable and I just think I'd be more productive sat at a desk.

Obviously if you're re-doing your room or doing anything interior related the first place you've got to look is Pinterest. I'm currently pinning Room Ideas left, right and centre like a mad person. These are a couple of my favourites and the kind of thing I want the end result of my room to look like. I've always loved interior design so I'm really looking forward to this project so be expecting some update posts soon, eek!



  1. These are all so so gorgeous! I just love the first picture, such a cool room x


  2. I really like the rooms that you've chosen for your inspiration -- they're so bright and open and simple. I'm looking forward to seeing how you've rearranged your room!

    A Northern Light

  3. Every time I see these room inspiration posts it makes me want to tear my whole room down and start from scratch haha! Don't procrastinate missy---I bet your room is going look amazing <3
    She Will Be

  4. Love these so much, they're all beautiful! I have a Pinterest board full of these kinds of inspiration-hopefully will be able to implement some of these in it soon! Gorgeous pics :)
    xo Kiki

  5. Ah I SO wish I could have a room as neat as these! xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  6. Best of luck doing up your room, hope it turns out as well as you plan it. Love the inspiration for it x

    Beauty with charm | AVENE GIVEAWAY


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