22 November 2015

A Lush Hair Haul

I feel like I'm currently having a bit of a Lush moment, I've become a bit obsessed. It wasn't long ago I did a Lush haul and now here's another one. Anyway I've bought more stuff from Lush and I'm once again over the moon with them...

Lush wasn't the first place I thought to go to get haircare products but a friend at work told me that the Lush 'No Drought' dry shampoo was amazing so I thought I'd give it a try. For one, it smells like a dream, it's a mixture of lime citrus fruit smells and grapefruit. You can use this in the morning and brush it out however I tend to apply it at night and then sleep with it in. So in the morning you wake up with fresh smelling and looking hair with no weird powdery/ grey remnants. I love Batiste but hated how dirty it made my hair feel and I love that you can't even feel this No Drought dry shampoo in your hair, it's just so good and apparently it lasts ages so it's a bit of a money saver too.

I also picked up the 'Retread' hair conditioner. I have verryyy thick, frizzy and dry hair and the shop assistant recommended this. So far I really like it. I straighten my hair basically everyday so a moisturising conditioner that restores shine is essential. I wasn't sure about it at first because it doesn't instantly make your hair feel softer like most conditioners I've used do, if that make's sense. However once you've dried your hair, you can really tell it's made a difference. This also smells so good! I tend to shampoo using my normal Tresemme Shampoo (post on that here) and then use this afterwards. I try and leave this in for about 2-3 minutes which seems to work well, all in all I really like this am also very tempted to try the Rehab Shampoo.

So yeah they're some Lush/ haircare bit's I've picked up recently. Now back to saving money....



  1. I have thick hair too, I should try it!

  2. The scent of that treatment sounds divine - I love anything zesty! I've never tried Lush's haircare range, I need to pop into store when I'm in a town that has one! x

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

  3. I've never tried any of Lush's hair stuff - but this post has made me want to! Sounds amazing! x


  4. I've been very tempted to try their dry shampoo! Maybe it's time I gave it a go x


  5. I adore Lush! I've never tried any of their hair stuff though, but I definitely want to! By the way, I just stumbled across your blog. It looks gorgeous!

    thehappyjournal.com (2016)


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