12 October 2015

A few new things

How cute is that phone case?! I'm obsessed. I feel slightly like a 5 year old parading it around but it was just too damn cute to resist. I had my eye on a similar one from Skinny Dip but this one from Topshop was a fraction of the price (£8). Along with that I also invested in a new purse. My old one was just getting a bit gross and un-organised because I'd had it for years so I decided to get this grey snake-skin effect purse instead. Finally from Topshop I got this necklace. I don't really know how to describe it. I'm gonna be posting an outfit post soon with it in. But I just really like how versatile it is.

From paperchase I firstly picked up these adorbsss highlighters. I've got to say I'd had my eye on these for a while and finally decided to get them. And finally I added this cat notepad to my ever growing collection of Paperchase notepads. I have about 7 of these now in different patterns and they're just the perfect size to slip into your bag and write quick notes in. I also just love that cat watercolour print. Annnd that's it. I've gone a bit crazy with the childish cute prints, but oh well they add a bit of colour to my bag anyway...

Topshop iPhone case (couldn't find the one for the 6!)
Topshop Purse



  1. That phone case is far too cute, I love it! x


  2. Nothing wrong with cute prints! Love this notebook!

    Hannah | Oh January

  3. I absolutely love that phone case!
    samantha xx

  4. Love these items! Your phone case is so cute <3



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