11 June 2015

ASOS Slim Fit Mom Jeans

I've been trying to find the perfect pair of mom jeans for ages now and I think I've finally found 'em!

Myself and mom jeans have had a love/ hate relationship. I've bought two pairs from Topshop in the past; one pair fitted nicely around the waist but were ridiculously baggy on the legs. The other; way too tight around the waist but perfect on the legs. These Farleigh Slim Mom Jeans from ASOS however do both. I've never had a pair of jeans from ASOS before, mainly because I daren't venture out of my Topshop comfort zone. But I'd seen a bunch of outfits on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate myself so thought I'd give these a go and I'm so happy with them. I thought they'd be too long but a 30 length fits nicely and the waist - though a smaller size than I'd normally get - is really comfy! Anyway I know this is kind of a boring outfit, but I just had to gush about these jeans. I'm also wearing a black crop top from Topshop, loafers from Topshop, necklace from River Island aannndd this really pretty orange nail varnish from Rimmel (Happily Evie After) that I am lovin' at the moment!

Anyway, I hope your having a luurvvly day!



  1. They fit you so well !


  2. I love ASOS for jeans, I have four pairs of their Ridley style in rotation!
    I've been looking at these on the website for a while! They look great on you!


  3. Glad you managed to find a perfect fit! Looking lovely, I'm rather jealous of your hair! xx

  4. I've recently tried ASOS jeans and I'm pretty impressed with them! These look lovely on you x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  5. So glad I have seen this post! I have the same problem always fit well around the legs but massive around the waist :( they look amazing on you, think i'm gunna give them a go x

  6. these look really good on you! bloody wish i could pull off mom jeans like this! xx

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  8. Hi!

    How tall are you? I'm thinking of buying asos jeans, but I don't know if I should take 28L or 30L? Are Farleigh jeans strechy?

  9. You are looking amazing in this contrast thanks for sharing xxx Send Flowers To OMAN


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