20 February 2017

Some New ColourPop Goodies

Hola!... Sorry I've been MIA recently. This week has been hectic to say the least, Mercury must have been in retrograde (I think that's a bad thing) or something because nothing was going right. I might do an update post soon but for now lets focus on ~make-up~ or more specifically these new ColourPop Lip goodies I got the other week.


8 February 2017

A Copper Eye Look with the Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette

Whereas Blanc Fusion (see that post here!) is my favourite palette out of the three for a basic, everyday look. Caramel Melange is definitely my favourite for a dramatic copper/ orange eye. I did a look similar to this on Christmas day and was really happy with it, so I thought I'd recreate it...


5 February 2017

February To Do's

January was quite a mixed bag for me. Unfortunately my little dog Freddie died just before the new year, he got hit by a car which was devastating and I still don't think I'm totally over it. I know that sounds silly. But you get used to having a little puppy around and although he still wasn't fully trained and chewed up almost everything, he was still one of the sweetest dogs we'd ever had. We've still got Louis who's 8 (I think) and he's also a great dog but there are obviously still times that I miss Fred. On a lighter note I went to Berlin, you can read the post here if you like. And I also handed in a big deadline at the end of this month which was a massive relief. All my work from the start of the year was aiming towards this so it felt good to finally hand it all in.
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